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Why Botox® May Be the Solution to Managing Your Migraine Pain

It’s hard to ignore a migraine, especially when it causes sensitivity to light, intense pain, or the inability to concentrate. But, you don’t have to lose another day to migraine. If you suffer from chronic headaches that put you out of commission, Botox® could be just what you need to get your life back.

At Skilled Pain Care Clinic in Texas, Dr. Syed M. Nasir and our team offer innovative migraine solutions, like Botox. This cutting-edge approach has helped over 500,000 men and women cope with chronic migraines and reduced their number of headaches an average of 8-9 days each month. 

When you get Botox as a migraine treatment at one of our convenient locations in Houston or Katy, you’ll see a significant change in the number of headaches you experience over time. 

How Botox can treat migraines 

If you have chronic migraines, you experience 15 or more migraine days each month. And there’s only one FDA-approved treatment for this condition: Botox. 

When you have Botox treatments for migraines, we inject a neurotoxin into specific pain fibers in and around your scalp. This prescription formula seeps into the nerve endings in the area and helps prevent you from experiencing pain. In fact, Botox is actually a preventive treatment because it keeps you from experiencing a migraine before it even starts. 

Because of this unique approach, using Botox for migraine relief usually requires multiple treatments and a little time before it starts working. But, the American Migraine Foundation cited in a study that, after two treatments with Botox, men and women see a reduction in their headache days by approximately 50%.

When to consider Botox for your chronic migraines

While Botox can offer significant migraine relief, some people are better candidates than others. For example, you should:

Of course, these exact numbers may not be precise every month. But, if you have consistently had 15 or more headache days each month along with migraine symptoms over the past year or so, Botox could be a good option for you. 

Finding migraine relief with Botox 

It’s hard to imagine how severe migraine symptoms can be if you’ve never experienced them firsthand. But, when you suffer from chronic migraines, you know they can impact your day-to-day life and make it impossible to spend time with your family, work, or do anything at all. Even though Botox injections can take a little time to start working, a study shows that, after just three months of regular treatment, most men and women experienced improved symptom relief.  

The best part about Botox treatments for migraines is that this preventive approach can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend struggling with headaches and desperately trying to minimize your pain so that you can live your life. And as we’re sure you can imagine, that would be a complete game-changer for anyone living with chronic migraines. 

Looking for more information on Botox migraine treatment? 

Call our Houston or Katy, Texas, location to set up an appointment or book online today. We look forward to helping you find relief for your chronic headaches so you can start feeling better, longer. 

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